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Presidents Message KCOBANA

Presidents' Message

Floreat ! On behalf of myself and 2022-2024 Executive body, I want to extend my warmest greetings and gratitude to you – our distinguished KCOBANA members and community of friends. With over 750 professional alumni’s within the USA and Canada, you have a presence. Though we find our global community in unprecedented times, it’s reassuring to know that our organization continues to be strong with your commitments and support.

As alumni’s of King’s College Lagos, you are the schools best ambassadors. Your actions demonstrate our pride in King’s College, exemplified in your illustrious professional accomplishments and your willingness to serve and give back to our local communities and the good old school. President John Adams once asked – “If we do not lay our services to humanity, whom shall we serve?

KCOBANA alumni’s answered that question . They were at the forefront on the fight against COVID -19 pandemic. Dr. Aluko and Bayo Ogunlesi provided lectures and education on its impact at Harvard Business school. Many of our Health care professionals like Dr. Abe, a renowned Professor and critical care specialist, were at the heart of interventions in NY city during the surge. Other alumni’s supported the DRASA fund – Recognizing one of the female medical hero’s – Dr. Stella Adadevoh, who gave the ultimate sacrifice as she led the preventive and therapeutic interventions for Africans against infectious diseases outbreaks. Their financial contribuitions assisted in the creation of Nigeria’s first- ever Infection Prevention and control (IPC) simulation facility in her memory. Two Alum’s recognized the academic excellence and need of a young KCOB freshman , Kosi Ekwelundu at Texas A&M engineering school. They supported him with a $1000 financial aid towards the cost of his books and tuition during the global lockdown.

All these king’s men, true to their nature responded selflessly in such fashion. It is why I am extremely confident for what’s ahead of us. I want to assure you, as an alumni, your voice will be heard, and your concerns addressed.

Finally I am reminded of Helen Keller’s words “ Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much”. We truly need your continued support and generosities . These include such ways as :

  • Paying your yearly membership dues
  • Funding and executing projects and awards for students and members through KCOBANA
  • Attend and participate in activities and events, whether live or virtual
  • Become an alumni ambassador to students and share your King’s College experience and how it has shaped who you are today
  • Join the Alumni & student mentoring program
  • Volunteer for advisory boards and alumni committees
  • Consider a financial gift and donation to the organization to augment its operations and to execute its objectives for your benefits

I ask of you to find one or more ways that works for you.

I thank you once again and let’s keep paying forward, strengthening one another and taking our rightful positions as King’s men in the affairs of our global community.

Dr. A. Valentine Odife,
President KCOBANA – 2023