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Member Services

Professional Networks

KCOBANA provides access to curated professional networks where old boys with specific interests meet to discuss professional advancement, technical, business, policy and give back opportunities. These professional networks are organized along broad industry verticals, and currently include one for each of Finance, Healthcare and Technology. These groups have electronic boards for easy and continuous access, and meetings are scheduled for members from time to time. The groups also meet, discuss and network with non-KCOB experts or policy makers in their areas of interest. These groups provide a great opportunity to meet in settings that would otherwise not be available and provide valuable mentorship, advice, and exchanges of views that benefit across generations. They also provide a focal point where give back opportunities can originate to serve communities at home or abroad.

Reach out to KCOBANA to join an Industry Group (IG) in your field today! Provide your name, KC biodata, email and phone to

KCOBA of North America has initiated three industry focused professional WhatsApp groups:

  • Finance (including Accounting, Corporates, etc)
  • Healthcare (includes service providers to healthcare industry)
  • Technology (includes tech workers in non-tech industries, and non-techies in technology companies)

Discount Programs

KCOBANA is evaluating potential discount programs to benefit its membership. These are expected to include opportunities like insurance programs, financial services programs, and other goods and services. These programs will be announced via member wide communications when they become available.

To be notified for these programs, please ensure your contact information is up to date by providing your name, email and phone number to